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MaiGeims is on youtube!

2017-05-13 20:26:13 by MaiGeims

Yeeeeee My first video uploaded to youtube!


2017-04-22 14:02:06 by MaiGeims

eheheh I'm just gonna release my first album, and, with that, there will be atleast a ID.

Don't know when release it tbh, i'll see

as title says, i'm a beta-tester of it, and i've just discovered that it got daily featured don't know when :0


I feel good about it ^^


2017-01-30 18:18:11 by MaiGeims

Geometry Dash is removed from stores, i've make a sign to stop you Ng



Password !oe5aOlZEKGSjKFsqa0mdP4JPp1_zIEOryX3QWUppuBg


2017-01-28 00:00:41 by MaiGeims

Right there

the game will be in spanish, i don't really know how to programmate to traduce so...


Well, still in a experimental form, but i have the idea writed and everything done.

Yes, i've readed letter by letter my last post news.


And yes, i totally agree that our community of geometry dash are stoling copyrighted songs, or songs in general.

What i don't really see a need of, are the signs of i mean, that page isn't associated with apple store, xbox, play store and steam...

So those signs will be useless, only thing that you must do, it send a legal report to robtop, if he doesn't respons, dismantle the connection between Geometry Dash and new grounds, i mean, geometry dash will never use any song from newgrounds...

Obviously, that will have consequenses, our friendly community of New Grounds will be flooded of HATERS, that's something we cannot evitate, But, the hate will be like something of 2 months, i say that in that period of time, mods or any kind of verification must send to upload " Creations " from new users.

BUT, That will be a lot of work for moderators, administrators, whatever.

They have a life, and we must not take it off...


but, it's the only solution of this problem

I'll read every comment that you post :)

ticket me in any kind of post that you see around this theme.

Thanks you


My opinion about GD Players

2017-01-27 14:59:11 by MaiGeims

I'm VERY SURE that some people does or doesn't share my opinion


I've readed some community posts when i was back ( because i leave ng for a while ) and when i start reading...

They are wanting to get GD down!

I don't really know if they want to remove it from stores or from New Grounds ( they can't us songs anymore )

Ok, i know you wont like this, but i'm a big fan of geometry dash, i've started playing it 3 years ago and it's my favourite game.

I can't imagine how you think Geometry Dash community is "cancer" for NG

Let's see, if you are part of gd community , EVERYONE is nice to you!

Even if you're not, if you say you just started playing, they help you with everything ( i know because i said that to test how gd community is )

Instead, they don't take everything serious and they matter about stupid things, i'm a part of a forums of gd and they are discussing about gd spanish players... instead of a page wanting to remove his game...

If you want to take gd down from New grounds, think 2 times before do a sign, i've got inspired by geometry dash to create art, music and now i'm learning some programming to finally create my own game !

See how much artists got really famous thanks to GD ( Xtrullor, F777, MafiaPineapple, maybe Tobu, DIMRAIN )

I know there are people that thief songs and publish it here, maybe we should do something else than remove a game, we should do a little verification before it cames online, we should do a "test" about scouted artists, that scout his friends so they can use his skrilles favourite song in GD, we should see that ( i accept that i did something like that, i created a account and scouted it and then, i uploaded music, but i didn't use it in any game or anything commercial ).

And i must say that aren't much people that to that, there are millions of GD players! we could say that from those millions, a thousand to that...

Say whatever you want to, this is my opinion, we shouldn't take out from stores geometry dash, it's still one of the bests games in any plataform.

I'm done, just wanted to say that...



Have a good day :)

Want me to review your song?

2017-01-26 15:35:11 by MaiGeims

If you're a unscouted artist and want to be more knowed, pm me telling me about your song, i'll review it with your others works and see if i scout you or not




2016-11-07 18:37:59 by MaiGeims




if you image, i didn't uploaded a song everyday, it was from very while, i have 6 SONGS

Im very happy of what you did to me!!!

I'm doing something special, stay tuned !